Group Exhibition, July 2012, Coventry
Artspace, Coventry

Artspace is a non-profitable artist-led Coventry based art organisation. ‘Hijack’ event was a part of Artspace Research Commission, an 18- month long ARC programme aimed to reflect upon Artspace’s organisation and development with the use of experimental practices. The exhibition was my first artistic involvement with Artspace. Myself and four other Coventry University fine art students were successfully selected to participate in an experimental project carried out by Artspace Research Commission Artist Nikki Pugh. ‘Hijack’ aimed at performing architectural interventions. Artspace has offered us their basement space to utilise in whichever way we wanted. Hence we have been obligated to intervene in the basement’s architecture we decided to transform the basement in each possible way. We have built additional walls and doorways, filled walls with many artworks to create a cliché and kitsch approach of house interior. Additionally, my performance ‘Basewife’ in which I have repetitively performed an action of cleaning aimed to reflect upon the idea of a communal, living space and roles of women in the society. ‘Hijack’ through its curation the project responded to the use of non-exhibition space for an artistic intervention.

Find our more about Nikki Pugh’s ‘Hijack’ residency  & Coventry Artspace: HIJACK

‘Basewife’, Performance