Bursary, November 2012, Coventry
Artspace, Coventry

As a Coventry Artspace bursary recipient I had an opportunity to collaborate in a project followed by the series of ARC projects organised by Artspace. Generate has been led by the London artist and schooling programme designer Miriam Craik-Horan. The aim of Generate was to enable A Level Art students of Cardinal Newman Catholic School to understand the role of a local arts organisation. Students have been taught about the organisational structure and roles of a not for profit arts venture.

My role in this project was to relate to students from a perspective of A BA Fine Art student, creative practitioner and an ex A Level art student. Students were presented with my creative journey from the start of A level art till my current practice. Students were also informed about my previous experiences with Artspace e.g. HIJACK event. My role was to familiarise students with the creative industry and possible opportunities and pathways they can undertake once they leave school.




An extract from Miriam Craik-Horan’s project proposal:


Online mutterings on Interlocutionary/ Artspace’s blog. On site at the school or at Artspace, the group will be asked to visit a webpage where they will find a ‘data dump’ of sentences, images, symbols etc derived from a blanket web search of the word ‘attachment’. This could take place on a specially-made micro-site linked to Artspaces’ main webpages and/ or on a designated private group on interlocutionary.org, which I developed as a creative research platform to feed in and jump out of collaborations and group projects such as this. 


Starting at the school, walking to Artspace. In this session, the group have the task of attaching themselves to Artspace in some way, thinking of it as something less concrete and formed than the building or the staff body. 


Takeover Day – the group will set up their idea of a ‘boardroom’ in a visible area of an official building, public site or institution. We will conduct a planning session and workshop as previously. We will also conduct a public ‘event’ or plenary session following this activity, in which the group will host a round table on their perception of ‘roles’: to what extent are we on view as children? As youths? As artists? As activists?  


Plenary – in Artspace. Led by the group, a platform of culminating documents, videos and materials will contextualise a final ‘lecture’/ workshop/ performance/ tour/ reflective remark on the STICKING POINTS that have arisen. These could be instigated to tied together by the high-level questions of ‘What is it that Artspace makes/ generates and what would we like it to? How are we attached to Artspace and how could we be?’